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INTRODUCTION (as of December 2013)
The site doesn't look great at the moment. A better one should appear around DECEMBER 2013/JANUARY 2014.
I just want see if people are interested in this site and if so, it will be expanded and have a better user interface.

5 pages that you find interesting
  • Click Me to see a list of future album and single releases.
  • Click Me to see what albums have been released, their chart date and news on future albums including links to free mp3's.
  • Click Me to see what bands and artists are playing in Ireland in 2011. Includes world festival dates.
  • Click Me to see a list of soccer games coming up in the future.

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    Reasons to stay and look around. --------- MUSIC -------

  • Music News..........links to the best sites for music
  • Album Release Dates..........albums released & to be released this year
  • Top 100 lists..........view music magazines top 100 albums ever and top 100 singles ever and more
  • Concert and Comedy Dates..........want to know when your favourite band are playing in Ireland. Will then you can. Also, who's playing this year's summer festivals.
  • Later With Jools Holland.........featuring (most of) the tracklisting from shows since 2003
  • Music Charts..........view the charts from around the world
  • Music DVDs..........DVDs released by bands
  • [COMING SOON] Discography..........full album discography of great bands
  • [COMING SOON] Best Music by Year..........Albums & Singles released, Who played the festivals, Music Awards, Critics choices.....